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Gaming News Wrap [29 Mar 2016]

And we’re back to ‘normal’ after the long weekend. We know what we would rather be doing right now though, but we’re here, doing this for you. Games Rockstar came close to making Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo And work on 6 has begun Halo 5: Guardians – Community Update Overwatch switches up the rules with Weekly Brawls, while dataminers uncover…

Two Worlds II | Velvet GOTY Edition this October

I’m not one for paying extra for collector’s editions, but TopWare Interactive is releasing a gorgeous Two Worlds II: Velvet GOTY Edition this October 18th… and it certainly caught my eye. The Velvet GOTY Edition will contain the expansion Pirates of the Flying Fortress and comes in a limited collector’s box which is wrapped in black velvet (PC/Mac) or red velvet (console versions) and highlighted with metal corners made to look like antique brass.