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Sony | “Ultimate portable entertainment is coming 2011”

PSP2 is official?  Erm, yes.  Maybe.  Under another name.  For now.

At a “specially convened press conference” [I suppose our invite is still in the post] held earlier today, 27 January in Tokyo, Japan, Sony announced its next generation portable entertainment system, but left it at code name…NGP – get it?  The NGP promises to deliver “the ultimate portable entertainment experience.”

CES 2011 | Sony

Yep, it is that time of the year.  Sony and Microsoft try and outdo each others sales figures – or should that be shipped figures? Sony’s CES keynote did throw some figures our way, but there was some other interesting stuff too. Cameras?  Check.  TVs?  Check.  3D?  Check.  Phones?  Check.  Meh.  Let’s get back to the figures. To date, 60…

250gb PS3 Slim Soon?

Just when I thought it was time to invest in the PS3 120gb Slim, reports of a 250gb start appearing. Eurogamer reported that “a 250gb will arrive as early as October, as part of three console-plus-game bundles.” I know that this is will be for Europe and UK but local distributor will have to follow  shortly after no doubt.


Sony has not officially announced this but I am sure it is because they don’t want to show all their cards to Microsoft, whom I am so eager to see what they may have in the pipe-line. Eurogamer stated that this information comes from “a reliable retailer” who wished to remain anonymous as Sony have not confimed. October, I am sure, will be the date for this to happen as it is a very big month for some huge titles to be launched including GT5, Assassins Creed, Uncharted II and more.