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L.A. Noire | Screens of Phelps on patrol

Some more screens have dropped from L.A. Noire, which focuses on your early career in the LAPD as a Patrol Officer.

The screens and details show you, as Cole Phelps, working alongside your partner Officer Ralph Dunn on two of the crime cases you’ll face while working in uniform below – and go see these in high definition along with many more at the newly launched Patrol Desk page on the official L.A. Noire site.

L.A. Noire | The inspiration behind ‘The Red Lipstick Murder’

Rockstar have posted an article about the real life incidents that have inspired some of the cases in their upcoming Los Angeles based crime solving game, L.A. Noire.

Team Bondi meticulously researched stacks of original articles reported in the newspapers of the day to cull authentic elements of real life crimes that would inspire the in-game cases.

At this weekend’s PAX, the case “The Red Lipstick Murder” was showcased, an original story inspired by some element of the 1947 crime.

L.A. Noire | ‘The Naked City’ video

Rockstar has released a new video for L.A. Noire dubbed ‘The Naked City.’

“When the young beauty is tragically found naked in her bathroom amidst a pool of pills, the most likely conclusion is that she’s take her own life. But what about those bruises? And her taste for luxury beyond her means? It soon becomes apparent that this young lady wasn’t quite the ingénue some believed her to be.” – Rockstar.

L.A. Noire | Pre-order bonus content announced

And, unfortunately for South Africans, I don’t see a mention of BT Games, Kalahari or even Musica.  Guess we’ll just have to enjoy the vanilla edition then.

Rockstar has announced the exclusive content bonuses for L.A. Noire which will be available via retail partners across the US, UK and Canada.  The bonus content includes special unlockable crime cases, challenges, detective outfits with unique gameplay abilities and more.

L.A. Noire | Boxart revealed

Yep, along with zombies, we have a rather unhealthy fascination with serial killers and murder, making L.A. Noire a game we are rather excited about. Rockstar has revealed the boxart for the game and have also announced that there will be pre-order bonuses in the guise of exclusive content via their retail partners in North America and the UK…that means…