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Rock Band will not die…

Harmonix has issued a statement which essentially re-assures rhythm music genre fans that the genre itself is not dead.  In the statement, they [Harmonix] and Rock Band will “continue to push beyond simple performance simulation to pioneer new approaches to music gaming”.

Harmonix has suffered their own setbacks recently, so they can obviously sympathise with the current situation regarding the demise of the Guitar Hero franchise and passed on the following: “We were sad to hear yesterday that Activision was discontinuing development on Guitar Hero. Our thoughts are with those who are losing their jobs, and we wish them the best of luck.”

Offer them a job then?

Read the full statement below.

Rock Band 3 | The Clash next month

On February the 1st, you will be able to download The Clash’s best album, London Calling, for Rock Band.  OK, some may prefer their other albums, but the song ‘London Calling’ is their best effort ever.  Surely?

Anyway, if you are keen on a little classic punk, then you should be more than happy to part with the 1600 MS Points/2000 Wii Points/$19.99 being asked for the full 18 track album.  If not, you can buy them all as singles.  Additionally, five of the tracks have ‘Pro’ guitar and bass functionality available for an extra $1 each.