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Red Dead Redemption | ‘Myths & Mavericks’ DLC dated

Rockstar has announced the release date and given details of the new free – yes, FREE – ‘Myths and Mavericks’ bonus pack.  The DLC will be available on September 13 on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

The DLC – which is a thank you to the fans – includes new multiplayer maps and characters.  And I’d just like mention again that it’s completely free.

Red Dead Redemption | Free DLC this September

Rockstar has confirmed their “special and completely free” DLC bonus pack for Red Dead Redemption.  This is their way of showing “appreciation for the awesome long-term support for the game’s multiplayer modes since its release in 2010”. Thank you.  And it’s because the MP is awesome.

They also confirmed that the original Undead Overrun MP mode would return when a title update is released prior to the DLC.