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Morning News Wrap (8 Feb 2013)

Wow.  Made it.  Friday.  We’ll stop reminding you of what day it is now.  Enjoy your Friday morning news… The latest insider report doing the rounds regarding the next-Xbox comes via The Verge.  According to this source, the console will carry a big focus on “greatly improved” speech recognition.  The (let’s call it) Xbox 720 will support wake on voice, natural language controls, and speech-to-text.…

Sony Launches Web-Based Playstation Store

Sony has launched a browser-based Playstation Store, where users can purchase games, music and movies. Playstation Network users can now simply log in with their PSN ID via the web and purchase content using funds from their account’s wallet or credit/debit cards. The purchased items is then added to the user’s  download list on their console(s), reports Eurogamer. Everything that is available…

Ster-Kinekor CEO on Playstation 3, PS Vita and Move | Zombiegamer Interview

We were fortunate enough to chat to Ster-Kinekor Entertainment CEO, Mario dos Santos this past weekend at rAge 2012. Ster-Kinekor Entertainment is the official distributor of Sony PlayStation hardware and Software in South Africa, as well as distributors for publishers including THQ, Bethesda, Capcom, Konami, and more. ZG: How are digital game sales comparing to retail sales in South Africa,…

Sony | PS3 price cut and cheap PSP **UPDATE**

Sony has made two relatively surprising announcements during their Gamescom 2011 keynote speech.  And neither of them appeared to mention hacking.  OK, they’re both much more interesting than that – the first is that effective immediately, the PS3 will have its price reduced.  And the second is the announcement of a new, cheap PSP.  Don’t expect either to mean much in South Africa for a while still.

The 160gb PS3 is dropping to $249.99 in the U.S., €249.99 in Europe and ¥24,980 in Japan.  On top of that, there is a new inFamous 2 320gb bundle available that comes in at the ridiculously low price of $300.  [Source]


Eurogamer is reporting that the UK price for the 160gb PS3 is £199.

PSP Go! Rewards

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the latest model of PSPTM(PlayStation®Portable) Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is pleased to announce a special promotion to help existing PSP owners with UMD®s (Universal Media Discs), to start their digital games collection for PSPgo.

If you enjoy your PSP, you’re going to love the all-new PSPgo. Say hello to entertainment in your pocket as the sleek, slimline look of PSPgo comes packed with 16GB of built-in storage space – meaning that you can take all your favourite games, photos and more with you wherever you go. And to help you get your PSPgo collection started, we’re giving away three full games for free.*