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Xbox One NOT closing performance gap on PS4 clarifies Oddworld publisher

Yesterday it was widely reported that Oddworld developer had claimed that the Xbox One performance was closing the gap with the Playstation 4. Oddworld Inhabitants developer, Lorne Lanning was reported to have claimed the gap between Xbox One and PS4 performance is narrowing. However, MCV report that this is now being corrected by the CEO of Oddworld publisher, Stewart Gilray,…

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD Discounted for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

Good new for those Oddworld fans, you can pick up Stranger’s Wrath HD at 30% less if you are a PlayStationPlus subscribers from now until the 1st Feb. The HD version of Stranger’s Wrath was developed by Just Add Water who were responsible for the hit retro arcade game Gravity Crash, in collaboration with Lorne Lanning, the original creator of the Oddworld franchise. Stranger’s Wrath…

Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath | Patch live for PC which “drastically improves the game’s performance”

This is according to Oddworld Inhabitant who say that Stranger’s Wrath on PC via Steam will receive an update that drastically improves the game’s performance and adds a number of features specifically requested by the PC gaming community. These features include more customisable control options, v-sync and widescreen support.