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Nintendo Cannot Promise “Deep” Online Services Will Always be Free

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says Nintendo cannot promise it will not ever charge for “deep” online services on Wii U, but did ensure that “ordinary” online services will remain free. Eurogamer report that Iwata addressed the company’s shareholders where he stated the following: “We cannot promise that Nintendo will always provide you with online services free of charge no matter how deep…

Forbes: “Nintendo Have Missed The Boat On Connected Gaming with the 3DS XL”

Nintendo has revealed the Nintendo 3DS XL, a revision of the 3DS handheld that boasts 90% extra viewing area, a longer battery life and a larger memory card; all of which will are welcome editions. While most publications are reporting positively on the updated Nintendo handheld, an article on Forbes points out some noteworthy exclusions with the handheld. The author…

EA and Sony will be at Gamescom

While Microsoft has decided to do their own “smaller, more localized promotions” this year than attend Gamescom, EA and Sony will be Germany for Gamescom 2012. EA corporate communications SVP Jeff Brown told Joystiq, “We are definitely committed to Gamescom – love that show and the people who attend it.” “We’re planning the press conference for the day before the…

3500 Sex Offenders Removed From Xbox Live

The office of the Attorney General in New York has announced “Operation: Game Over”, which has removed registered sex offenders from the likes of Xbox Live as the offenders might have an opportunity to communicate with children. This is the first time the law has been applied to online video game systems. GamesIndustryInternational report that Attorney General Eric T Schneiderman had…

Super Mario Bros. Creator: “I’m going to retire, I’m going to retire”

Thankfully, Miyamoto now aged 59, is not completely closing the curtain on gaming, but has told Wired.com in an interview that he is stepping down from his current position to concentrate on smaller, more personal projects. Any avid gamer from any generation should know the name of the grand creator of ‘Super Mario Bros.’, ‘Donkey Kong’ and the more recent…

New European Wii model announced

Image courtesy of Eurogamer

Those hoping to see a new attractive girl-next-door who has been appointed to market the Wii in Europe will be sorely disappointed.  Nintendo has in fact announced a brand new “value Wii” for the European market.

While no price has been given yet, the new model loses its GameCube backwards compatibility (games and accessories) and its ability to stand vertically…

Iwata Issues Apology Over Nintendo 3DS Price Drop

As we know, Nintendo has recently slashed the price of the 3DS price, and for that president, Staoru Iwata has posted a personal letter of apology on the company’s site explaining the timing of the 3DS price-cut as “unprecedented” in the history of the company. Iwata acknowledges that while eventually the pricing would have dropped, that this was a push to gain more market-share.

“3DS launches, wows fans… but you ain’t seen nothin yet” – Nintendo

Nintendo launched the 3DS in the UK today, and hundreds were reported queuing around the block at HMV’s London flagship store on Oxford Street to be the first to get their hands the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo also reveal  that in Japan the console sold almost 400,000 units in two days when it launched last month.

The reaction to Nintendo 3DS has exceeded our wildest ambitions,” said David Yarnton, General Manager of Nintendo UK. “The launch is already bigger than Wii, and by a distance. People are only just starting to grasp what Nintendo 3DS is capable of, but the truth it, there’s so much more to come.”

“When people start to experience the social features of the device – StreetPass and SpotPass – it will blow their minds. The Augmented Reality functionality is making even the most dedicated gadget lovers gasp with amazement – and there is so much more to come.