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Why the ZA Xbox LIVE Marketplace doesn’t have Breach

I suppose the answer that most jaded South African gamers will have is it’s because we don’t matter.  There, there chaps, we do.  The bots that respond care enough to be able to differentiate what country you are from when responding to your queries about Xbox LIVE.

Unsurprisingly, some people were rather miffed that Breach hadn’t appeared on the South African marketplace, and one was prompted to write a letter asking a simple question.  Why?  He did go on to confuse the bot by asking who in SA was responsible for restricting the content in a geographic location.  The response should be no surprise to you.

CES 2011 | Microsoft

Xbox and its associated goodies and gadgets appear to be doing alright for themselves, if sales and subscribers are anything to go by – although ‘shipped’ isn’t really the same as ‘sales’ now is it? Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer dropped some impressive sounding figures at his CES keynote. 50 million Xbox 360s have been shipped worldwide, with 30 million Xbox…