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Daily Boom – 24 May 2013

Today is Undead Ed’s [Actually, it’s not – Undead Ed] birthday so lets be nice to him okay! BOOM! New trailer for Monster University is out! Rush also has a new trailer out: http://youtu.be/-ujuL1mc9To Here is some metal for Undead Ed! The trailer for Don Jon which Joseph Gordon-Levitt Directed, wrote and stars in. Rather impressive. http://youtu.be/4XhHvFtKDQA

Daily Boom – 06 May 2013

Let us start this week of with a boom. Do you like Vampires, blood and nibbly bits? Then you are probably excited for the season 6 of True Blood. Here is a trailer. http://youtu.be/tGgt_jllHcA Children of Bodom has released a new lyric video for one of their new songs. http://youtu.be/CDNYu2Ro06Y It was May the 4th this weekend which is apparently…

Daily Boom – 23 April 2013

Not much to boom about, but boom we shall… Do you know who Yip Man is? No, he isn’t some superhero that enthusiastically says yip to everything. He is the martial artist that first trained Bruce Lee. Granted, Bruce Lee went on to train in other forms as well, but the Grandmaster aims to tell you the full story. http://youtu.be/Tnh7GofhLHs…