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Remedy CEO Says Max Payne 3 is “F***ing Awesome”

Former Max Payne developer, Matias Myllyrinne, CEO of Remedy Entertainment has told GamesIndustryInternational that Max Payne 3 is “f***ing brilliant.” Myllrinne has played the upcoming Rockstar title and has even contributed some input as Remedy developed the previous Max Payne titles. “Those guys, they just don’t put out bad games. And so, in that respect, it’s very – it’s almost like the…

Max Payne 3 | ‘Design and Technology: Visual Effects and Cinematics’ Trailer

A new video in Rockstar’s ‘Design and Technology’ series, this time focusing on what makes “Max Payne 3 a uniquely cinematic action game.” The video showcases the seamless transitions from cutscenes to gunplay, as well as the “interactive environments based on real world research and an unparalleled level of detail to create a uniquely cinematic and engaging action experience.”