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Silent Hill HD Collection Xbox 360 bound

The Silent Hill HD Collection which was originally a PS3 exclusive has now been confirmed for the Xbox 360 too.  This is apparently due to fan response to the exclusivity announcement.

Silent Hill: Downpour producer Tomm Hulett said at the Konami press conference at Gamescom that they were “aiming” to release Silent Hill HD Collection simultaneously on both consoles.  So that might not be quite how it happens then, but at least Xbox fans can enjoy the games too now.


Silent Hill: Downpour | First screens

Konami has released the first shots of the next iteration of its horror series, Silent Hill. Silent Hill: Downpour marks the first confirmation of the new game’s suffix, while acclaimed composer, Daniel Licht (of TV Series ‘Dexter’ fame),  has been confirmed as producing the game’s eerie soundtrack.

The game is expected in Autumn 2011 (Northern Hemisphere) on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.