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Gaming News Wrap [22 Sep 2015]

All the gaming news and videos you need to bite into. Games Do you want to see Halo: Reach on the Xbox One? Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s next content update detailed Season 2 of official Halo tie-in podcast ‘Hunt the Truth’ starts tomorrow Everything is horrible in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters You’ll have to wait a little longer for…

Gaming News Wrap [17 Sep 2014]

Good morning to you all. It’s another day, and another Gaming News Wrap. Games EA will be removing trade offers from Ultimate Team mode for FIFA 15. While this will affect “some honest players”, EA says it “became one of the methods used by coin sellers to sell and move coins.” [More…] The level 26 Vault of Glass raid for Destiny…

Halo Fest news

To mark the 10th anniversary of Halo and to coincide with the start of Halo Fest, a whole host of Halo related news has been released by 343 Industries, including the reveal of three new multiplayer maps for Halo: CE Anniversary, a Halo: Reach update and the appearance of the Warthog in Halo 4 (which we covered earlier today right here).