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2K Games Backs ‘Press Principles’ | Zombiegamer Editorial

This latest story doing the rounds really impressed me with 2K Games. If you missed it, Examiner reported on the PR firm that was canned by 2K because of some ‘choice’ tweets from the firm aimed at game journalists and blogs that gave Duke Nukem Forever really bad reviews, or were “venomous” with their reviews. One would think 2K would welcome anyone trying to defend a brand of theirs against bad press, but not so, they apparently stand for fair play when it comes to the subject of reviews.

Duke Nukem Forever is…delayed

Wow.  What a surprise that is.  Yes, I know sarcasm is not an attractive feature in (most) people, but what more can you expect when it comes to hearing that a game already delayed almost 13 years is being delayed again?

However, it’s not all bad.  In a slightly humorous (yet, utterly serious) YouTube video, Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford announced that the game will miss its May 3 release and will now arrive only a month later on June 10 Internationally and June 14 in North America.