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Gaming News Wrap [19 May 2015]

Happy The Witcher 3 day everyone. Yip, there’s that and more today in the Gaming News Wrap. Games Patch 1.01 (and even 1.02) for the PS 4 and Xbox One versions of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is now available. The patch weighs in at 482MB on PS4 and 588MB on Xbox One. [More…] Battlefield 4 has been updated with…

Gaming News Wrap [6 Aug 2013]

Good morning and welcome to day two of a short week in South Africa. Yes, we can feel your excitement. Sony will be giving a PlayStation 4 keynote address at the Tokyo Game Show on 19 September. Other than being entitled ‘The World PlayStation 4 Creates’, no other information is known at present. [More on Gematsu] Developers on the PS4 can…

Gaming News Wrap [4 Apr 2013]

Not the most bumper packed morning news wrap ever, but I think we all still need to get over the shock of Disney shutting down LucasArts and cancelling two Star Wars games in development.  Boo! GameStop‘s CEO J. Paul Raines reckons Microsoft’s next console will be a “very hot, compelling device.”  We hope that is not a reference to next-generation RROD… Sticking with…

Rumour: Doom 4 “Indefinitely Postponed” **UPDATE**


Bethesda has poured cold water on this rumour.  In response to a Tweet by Eurogamer Operations Director Tom Bramwell wondering about the rumour, Bethesda’s VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines said bluntly: “complete bollocks”.

Id’s Matthew Hooper has also tweeted that the studio is not only working on Doom 4, but RAGE too: “@id_Hooper: Doom4 rumor is a bit silly… We’re still cranking away on Doom & Rage … and btw, we’re still looking to hire even more talent.”


Kotaku are reporting on a source claiming to be close to Bethesda who says that a decision has been made to “indefinitely postpone” the development of Doom 4 after RAGE’s disappointing launch.