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Deus Ex: Human Revolution | ‘The Missing Link’ DLC announced

After the speculation earlier this week, it has now been confirmed by Eidos Montreal that there is DLC incoming and it goes by the name of ‘The Missing Link’.

“The Deus Ex: Human Revolution conspiracy grows deeper in The Missing Link. During lead character Adam Jensen’s quest for the truth in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, he mysteriously vanishes for three days. Where was he? What did he find out? The Missing Link reveals it all.”

Deus Ex: Human Revolution | First details of new DLC

According to a VG24/7 source [shouldn’t we be calling them ‘confidential informant’?] the upcoming DLC for the RPG will feature two days on-board a ship.  No, we do not think it will be a luxury cruise either.

In the DLC, the player is apparently isolated on a prison ship and without the support networks and comm advice found in the game and will have to face what may very well turn out to be the equivalent of future zombies.  Or horribly disfigured and heavily augmented prisoners – what?  You didn’t see the experiments on prisoners being worked in there?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution… the drink

There are game tie-ins, and then there are game tie-ins.  This one takes the drink.  ‘Deus Ex on the Beach’ is essentially the classic ‘Sex on the Beach’ cocktail “augmented with Goldschlager”.

It’s pretty good.  And the game is too.  Check out our review of the game here.

Remember – you must be of a legal age to try this.

Press Release:

Independent Gaming bar Loading based in Falmouth is pleased to announce its third endorsed Gaming Cocktail, this time paying homage to new Square Enix release  Deus Ex: Human Revolution.