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NFS Shift: Demo on LIVE Now

Electronics Art’s much anticipated Need For Speed: Shift demo is now available on XBox Live.

If like me, you are a simulator fan you might want to check it out before buying the retail version. With Forza 3 around the corner and previous NFS games’ history, I will want to see how ‘sim’ this actually is.  The demo weighs in at 883mb and should give you a decent idea of the game.

Fifa 10 Demo Out But Not For US Location


If you are like me and have a US gamer-tag then we did not get the Fifa 10 demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace. I did read on Major Nelson’s ‘comment list’ that it will be available for US “next Thursday” but I cannot confirm this. So all you ‘poms’ enjoy and let us know how it is. They have promised the usual everything and then some, but with PES hot-on-their heels and EA development power, I suspect this one could be a cracker.


Fifa 10 Major Nelson