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Fifa Street Demo Now Available on XBL Marketplace, PSN Tomorrow

EA Sports’ demo of FIFA Street is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace and will be on the Playstation Store tomorrow. “Free your game by using tricks, flicks and flair to roast opponents in the first authentic street football videogame that replicates the way the game is played around the world.” – EA Sports The demo allows players to compete…

Mass Effect 3 | Demo Details

Details of what you can expect from the February 14 Mass Effect 3 Demo have been released and you can expect plenty.  You can will be able to play through the opening sequence of the game (the Reaper’s assault on Earth) as well as try out the (love/hate) co-op multiplayer.  The demo will be released on Xbox 360, PS3 and…

Mass Effect 3 | Demo details

Well, to be fair, it’s not a massive… amount of details, but there is one coming sometime in January.  If you are buying Battlefield 3, your first run copy will contain a code to access the co-operative multiplayer mode.  So you can try before complaining about how it will ruin the game…

The demo will also have a section of the singleplayer campaign – which sounds like it is available to everyone.

Forza 4 | Demo Impressions

So, the Forza 4 demo is out.  Some may have shrugged indifferently to the news.  You may reckon they’re a fan and will simply buy it on release – no need for a demo to tell you it will be great.  Others may be a little more hesitant.  You may have loved Forza 3 but are wondering if the game is simply a re-skinned update.   You may have been a little concerned by the sheer mention of Kinect capabilities for the game – yes, there were some.

So we thought we’d ask (an old guy) who had all the concerns mentioned above to try out the demo and let us know what he thought.  And he appears to have actually liked it.

Forza 4 | ‘Season Pass’, Day One DLC and More

It’s a press release packed with news for Forza fanatics.  The ‘Season Pass’ is detailed.  The day one DLC outlined.  The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Track announced.  The Limited Edition ‘Launch Bonus’ detailed.  And the demo confirmed.

The ‘Season Pass’ will allow you access to six game add-on packs and will cost you 2400MS Points – representing a 30% saving on purchasing the DLC separately.  The ‘Season Pass’ will go on sale on 14 October.  The six game add-ons will cover 60 new cars and will include the day one ‘American Muscle’ Car Pack as an added bonus.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has also been announced as featuring in the game and a ‘Making of’ video is due shortly.

The Demo of the game has been confirmed and will be available from 3 October for Xbox Live Gold members and 7 October for all other Xbox Live members.

Finally, the Limited Edition’s ‘Launch Bonus’ Pack has been detailed and will feature five additional cars on the game’s release come 14 October.