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Deep Silver: Xbox 360 is the “Weakest Platform”

In an interview with Strategy Informer, Risen 2’s brand manager Daniel Oberlerchner said that due to the “technology gap” with the various platforms, trying to have the same quality across the Xbox 360, PS3 AND PC “doesn’t make any sense”. Oberlechner stated that the Xbox 360 was the “weakest platform” when producing game, and said that by carrying it over, you have the same “crappy…

Dead Island | The story behind the trailer everyone is talking about

Deep Silver’s Dead Island had UK based animation studio Axis to work closely with publisher to create the “emotional and hard hitting trailer” reads a press release from Axis.

The survival horror currently being developed by Techland is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2011 and is set in the tropical paradise gone wrong, Banoi where the entire island is over run by zombies and the player is drawn into the mysterious and dramatic scenario.

The trailer, which was directed by Axis owner and director Stuart Aitken, was released virally and has built up a massive buzz across the online community with over 2.5 million YouTube plays.

Risen: Cinematic Trailer

Risen is the latest single player fantasy-rpg from Deep Silver set in a fictional medieval. It is set for release in October and features four epic chapters filled with magic, fantasy and mystery. The main character is washes up ashore after his ship is wrecked at sea in a massive storm. Deserted on this island, you choose your path of…