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Black Ops | Treyarch breaks silence over Gamer’s Voice issues

Treyarch’s Community Manager, Josh Olin has spoken out ending their silence on the issue with Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Gamer’s Voice have sent out a press release stating that the organisation would like to see more such dialogue between developers and the gaming community.

“The status quo clearly isn’t sustainable; the industry needs to do more to engage with gamers on the issue of bugs in games and address the causes,” writes Gamer’s Voice.

Dark days at Activision…

…but at least there’s a PS3 release date of March 3 for the Black Ops DLC – First Strike.

However, I’m sure that doesn’t make the 500 people losing their jobs feel any better.  It must be an even tougher pill to swallow considering Activision’s latest financial results – they certainly aren’t terrible.  And to further rub salt in the wounds, the publishing giant has gone and axed some fan favourites in Guitar Hero, True Crime and possibly Tony Hawk and DJ Hero.

Gamers’ Voice takes action over Black Ops bugs

Gamer’s Voice, an independent pressure group which represents video and computer gamers in the UK, will be making a formal complaint over the problems with the PS3 and PC versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops.  The complaint will be submitted to the relevant government agencies that protect consumer rights in the UK during the course of this week.  Gamer’s Voice currently has over 16,000 members.

Final Score Infinity Ward 2 – 0 PC Gamers

“Modern Warfare 2 smashes previous Call of Duty 4 sales record on PC… in week one!”

So what did they sell four copies of COD 4?

You would think so with all the drama, petitions, boycotts and I heard that they may have even taken one of the developer’s hamsters, held the hamster on a remote island as ransom, demanding dedicated servers. There was absolutely no way we were ever going to buy MW2 untill our demands were met, no way!