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Gaming News Wrap [7 Jan 2016]

Gaming news, rumours, videos and… you know the score, it’s the Gaming News Wrap. Games [Game Informer] February Cover Revealed – Doom The Division Ubisoft Explains How Tom Clancy’s The Division Differs From Destiny The Division release date, launch details, beta and gameplay – all the info you need Homefront: The Revolution release date leaked by Target? What’s going on…

Gaming News Wrap [11 July 2013]

Good morning and welcome to a day that always makes us think of brains. Well, that’s every day admittedly, so welcome to Thursday, and the Gaming News Wrap. We’ll take any excuse to send you off to look at the GTA V gameplay trailer from earlier this week. So go and check it out. Now be assured that it was “captured…

Xbox Live | Some banned consoles now unbanned

Xbox LIVE’s ‘Policy and Enforcement Team’ or ‘Xbox LIVE Enforcement Unicorn Ninja‘ as they introduced themselves as, have been busy recently banning consoles on Xbox LIVE that are involved in “bad behavior such as cheating, fraud, running unauthorized software on the service, or playing illegitimate copies of games (to name a few)”.  However, in a post on Major Nelson’s Blog, head Unicorn Ninja Stephen Toulouse (or “Stepto”) has admitted some recent bannings were incorrect and that the affected parties will be unbanned and bought off with some goodies.  Presumably to stop them from rocking the boat.

Partial jesting aside, the affected parties “do not need to take any action” as the team know who has been incorrectly banned – and you will receive a “credit for three months of Xbox LIVE Gold and 1600 Microsoft points”.  Full open letter below.