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Daily Boom – 15 March 2013

Cowaboomga dudes! I have spoken about the upcoming Turtles movie before, and basically I am not counting all my failed chickens before they hatch. I have some kind of blind faith that it will somehow be a good movie. Call me a fanboi, crazy person or idiot, I don’t care. Co-Creator Kevin Eastman seems to want to fuel my blind…

ALL OTAKU | Free Local Online Anime Magazine Launches

A new Free Online Anime magazine – ALL OTAKU – has been launched from industry fans. This is a new project who decided to make publish their own mag in hope to contribute to the local Anime scene. The magazine will be free until in the beginning days to help gather local Anime fans. ALL OTAKU is dedicated to keeping you updated and informed about happenings in the anime and manga world, and will specialise in all things happening in the South African markets.