So, T-Fest returns – not that it ever really went away. T-Fest is meant to be our ‘themed gaming and market day’ aimed at those gamers keen to play against others without all that silly ‘seriousness’ of ‘eSports’. Of course, it’s just an excuse for us to host another event with other games.

So, on 28 March we will be back at Trenchtown in Observatory, Cape Town with a ‘flashback’ gaming event. On the agenda will be Gears of War and Halo in their anarchic free-for-all modes. Alongside the shooting (and chainsawing) we can also offer you an opportunity to socialise and shop.

Don’t worry though, while Gears of War and Halo will be the games focused on, there will also be a few other games available to while away some time too.

The Details

  • Date: Saturday 28 March 2015
  • Time: Event starts at 12pm and runs until around 7pm (If you’re still having a good time, feel free to stick around)
  • Where: Trenchtown, 92 Station Road, Observatory, Cape Town
  • What: T-Fest Flashback Gaming Event and Market Day
  • Cost: Free entry to the market and event. R20 entry into the Gears of War and Halo tournaments.



Logo with Text_AThere will be a variety of stall holders all offering their own unique – and in many cases – hand-made items, including art, home-ware, jewelry, clothing and more that should appeal to you and your lifestyle.

Some of the vendors confirmed for this event:


All equipment needed for the gaming will be supplied, so you can just arrive and play.

We will be hosting two free-for-all tournaments – Gears of War Judgment and Halo 4. The entry to either (or both if you choose) will be R20, which will also score you an entry into a random draw for prize bundle. Up for grabs in the tournaments will be cash per title and a few products. The random draw prize bundle will feature a retail copy of Sunset Overdrive (Day One) and other items to be confirmed.

So, for R20 you can participate in two tournament and stand a chance to win a randomly drawn prize. Don’t worry, if you choose to play both Gears of War and Halo, we will schedule around you.

  • Time:
    • Registration: 12pm.
    • Matches: 1pm.
  • Cost: R20.
  • Prizes: Top three in each tournament will win cash along with other prizes.

A note on Halo:

While the Xbox One version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection is more stable than when we tested it last year, we remain concerned with internet connection issues and have (again) decided to switch to Halo 4 on Xbox 360. For now, as long as Halo MCC has no LAN option we are unlikely to offer it at events. We will however have The Master Chief Collection on demo during the day and will even set it up for some 1v1.

Other Activities

Rebel Monkey_01Rebel Monkey will again be hosting the popular colouring-in competition, which runs the entire day. Prizes shall be dished out to the person (or persons) most capable of staying within the lines.

If there is an interest, we will run a few film/series screenings too to keep you occupied while awaiting your next chainsaw or Red vs Blue session…

Food and Drink

tt logo_narrowThe venue offers plenty of food and drink options but it should be noted that no food bought outside of the venue may be consumed on the premises.

On the day, you can get a margherita pizza for R30, which is available to T-Fest attendees only.

Please note: the premises does serve alcohol, and no under 18s will be sold alcohol. Anyone caught facilitating under age drinking will be asked to leave.