Survarium is a free to play shooter set on post-apocalyptic Earth. Now how can a mere human survive that? Well, by killing others and generally being the main alpha in a world of alphas. Thanks to developer Vostok Games we can make it a little bit easier for around 200 of you with in-game items in the form of a bundle featuring the ‘Scavenger set, OTs-02 Kiparis and decal Deer hunter’.

To bag yourself a code for the items, simply email us via the contact form below and we will reply with a code.

If you don’t have the game, you can download it here.


The giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone that requested a code.


Some Ts and Cs for the giveaway:

  • The competition is open to residents of South Africa only.
  • We will try to email your key to you as soon as possible, but it may take a few hours to receive them.
  • The giveaway will close either when the 200th request is received or at 12pm on Sunday 20 November 2016 (whichever happens first).

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1. Each key gives Scavenger set, OTs-02 Kiparis and decal Deer hunter.
2. If you prefer to play Survarium via Steam you must enter the code on the game’s website using the Steam browser
3. The keys can be used for old and new accounts,
4. One key per account. If someone else has already redeemed a key he will not be able to use it again,
5. Redeem keys here
My account – Add promo code – apply code
6. Bonuses of the keys are awarded within 5 to 30 minutes.
7. The keys are valid until 21 November 2016.
8. Keys are not available in the following nations: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine (Former USSR).


Want to know more about Survarium but were too afraid to ask? Then the developers have kindly done it all already for you…


What would happen if mankind lost control over what it created?

There would be environmental disasters, NPP explosions, accidents at chemical plants, extensive contamination over large areas. Civilization would be derailed and nature would gradually take over. There will be new species, better adapted for survival in the new conditions.

How to survive in this madness? In the world that has become a mere nightmare for humans.

Beyond the walls of former populated cities there is a terrifying forest that you can only get through on armored vehicles. In the city mad birds and animals crawl in from every direction, frantically trying to trap survivors in the ruins.

We were damaging and killing everything within our reach for so long, and now the world ruthlessly devours us – the former masters of the planet.

The daring men undertake trips into the heart of the forest, trying to understand what is happening. Maybe then could we find a way to deal with the anomaly spreading over the Earth?

Researchers are slowed by poisonous plants, mutants, wild animals and yet unknown anomalies, where, like in Bermuda Triangle, entire squads disappear. You’re one of us, a survivor on the tiny islands of camps amidst the storming ocean of the approaching Forest

About Survarium

Survarium is a post-apocalyptic online FPS game. If you are looking for a shooter where skills matter, look no further! The opposing players, deadly anomalies and traps will never stop you on the way to victory, right? Then start playing now for free!

Join the Survarium Open Beta to experience intense team-based PvP action!

Key Features:


Survarium offers several game modes. Some are familiar to all shooter fans, some are more unique. Fight in a team or solo: the higher the risk the higher reward!


There are many strange places in the world of Survarium where death awaits you around every corner. But you can find valuable artifacts there, which make you stronger.


In anomalies you will find various artifacts with unique properties giving you passive and active bonuses. Use the artifacts to turn the tide of battle!


Gain experience in battle and unlock new skills. You can improve physical abilities, shooting skills. Increase protection from the anomalies, and much more!


Modify the weapons by installing different modules! The number of available modules for each weapon depends on its type and tier!