Support Team XtaZ this weekend at Call of Duty Championship

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We won’t point and laugh at you if you have no idea what we’re talking about.  We’ll just tell you that Team XtaZ is the South African team participating in the Call of Duty Championship in Los Angeles.

If that isn’t impressive enough on its own, the team will be one of 32 teams competing this weekend for a share of a Million Dollar Prize Pool.  Imagine that amount announced with flashing lights and a booming voice.  Yes, it’s that big.

So, what can you do to support the team?  Tweet them we suppose – @TeamXtaZ – or just make an effort to watch their games which will be streamed live on Xbox LIVE and via the official Call of Duty ELITE streams which you can find here.

Xtaz will be playing their matches at the following times tonight (Friday 5 April) and into the early hours of tomorrow:

Match 1 vs Unite: 21:30
Match 2 vs Inferno BYL: 23:00
Match 3 vs Quantic: 00:30

The full list of times for the Call of Duty Championship in relation to the roster here is:

4 April 2013
21:30 : Groups 1-5 Match 1A
22:00: Groups 1-5 Match 1B
23:00: Groups 1-5 Match 2A
23:30: Groups 1-5 Match 2B

05 April 2013
00:30: Group 1-5 Match 3A
01:00: Group 1-5 Match 3B
02:30: Group 6-8 Match 1A
03:00: Group 6-8 Match 1B
04:00: Group 6-8 Match 2A
04:30: Group 6-8 Match 2B
05:30: Group 6-8 Match 3A
06:00: Group 6-8 Match 3B

If you’re keen to find out more about all the teams playing over this weekend, you can find more here.

Our best wishes and support go out to the team as they face down their opposition.  We’re pretty sure you will make a nation proud.

Thanks HoldenZA for the schedule.