Black Ops II Wii U Possibility Hinted

Will the Wii U focus more on the ‘core’ gamer than the console it will replace?

As it stands the major ‘core’ titles are released to the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, but Nintendo may be looking to expand their audience with the Wii U.

Activision boss Eric Hirshberg told GamesIndustryBiz that the publisher will be supporting the Wii U.

“We take out time to get our ducks in a row before pulling any trigger. We don’t have announcements today but we will be supporting Wii U,” he said.

Hirshberg was reluctant to disclose more of the publisher’s plans with the upcoming Nintendo console but did want to remind people that Activision had second screen enhancements with Call of Duty Elite last year, and one of the primary uses that Activision are finding would be through the tablet and through the smartphone.

“People are using it as that sidecar as they’re playing… People are using it in that between games way that I think now you’re seeing that kind of rhetoric with the controller from Nintendo as well as the SmartGlass presentation from Microsoft,” explained Hirshberg.

“So it’s great that others are jumping on board and enhancing that idea but it’s something we were doing last year with Elite.”

GIBiz gives further evidence suggesting the Call of Duty franchise could be Wii U bound. The publication say that it was apparent in a recent meeting with Treyarch that the studio that brought us Black Ops 2 is looking at the Wii U.

meeting with Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia, it was apparent that Treyarch is looking at Wii U at least, if the company isn’t already developing for it. Lamia was deliberately coy.

“I think it’s interesting to think about all the platforms. Just in general, that’s part of my job as a studio head, working with Activision on assessing where our creative can live. How can people experience it?

“We obviously have been a Nintendo developer for many years and have created many Call of Duty games on the Nintendo platform. [Wii U] is clearly a more powerful platform than its predecessor and… they have obviously a unique controller and interface,” Mark Lima from Treyarch told the publication.