This morning I was a little bit disgruntled at the fact that it appears we won’t be getting the Playstation VR launch bundle that includes the PS VR headset, Camera, Move Controllers and VR Worlds game.

But having done a bit of virtual internet leg work now it seems that we aren’t really at a loss at all and in fact we are winning all the way or averaging out completely when it comes to every other country in the world…which is almost never the case.

So kudos to you Ster Kinekor for making this one happen! I hope it’s a sign of things to come.

Well after some investigation it seems Ster Kinekor hasn’t actually **** the bed with this one and our pricing is very reasonable and overall on average for the full bundle actually a little bit cheaper.

Who would have thought?

Amazon UK Prices

Playstation VR Vanilla – 429.95 GBP – R 7791  (349 GBP RRP – R6266)
New PS Camera – 39.99 GBP – R 724
Move Controller Twin Pack – 59.67 GBP – R 1080
VR Worlds – 23.74 GBP – R 429.29
Individually Built Bundle Price – R 9988

Amazon US Prices

Playstation VR Vanilla – 486.98 USD – R 7039 (399 USD RRP – R5747)
New PS Camera – 39.99 USD – R 578
Move Controller Twin Pack – 97 USD – R 1402
VR Worlds – 39.96 USD – R 577
Official Launch Bundle – 643.97 USD – R 9300 (499 USD RRP – R7188)
Individual Bundle – 663.94 USD – R 9587

Ster Kinekor Local Pricing

Playstation VR Vanilla – R 6499
New PS Camera – (Unlisted subtracted from bundle price) – R 800
Move Controllers Twin Pack – R1169
VR Worlds – R 599
Individual Bundle – R 9067

So if you buy it all we are the cheapest by far, but even when you don’t it’s at least not more expensive than anywhere else which is a very very good thing indeed especially in our current financial climate.

Now can we (as in me) please get one for review?


It has been brought to my attention that some of the quoted Amazon pricing is much increased due to some profiteering from third parties because of low stock, so I’ve added the original RRP pricing in brackets.

Even so, we are still well in line with the UK pricing for a change.

You can purchase the PlayStation VR and games locally from 24 January 2017 via our affiliate here.