Ster Kinekor Confirms DmC and More for rAge 2012

Ster Kinekor Entertainment has confirmed the titles that will be present at their stand for rAge 2012.

Amongst some of the immense line-up is one of 2013’s most eargerly awaited titles – Devil May Cry, which see’s Dante take on a new (much talked about) look. Ninja Theory are currently developing DmC and Capcom will publish the title.

The Ster Kinekor line-up includes:

  • Lego: Lord of the rings
  • Devil May Cry
  • Ben 10: Omniverse
  • WWE 13
  • RE6
  • Batman Arkam City
  • PlayStation All Stars Battle Royal
  • PES 13
  • Lost Planet
  • Sonic All Star Racing
  • Wonderbook
  • Sports Champions 2


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