Ster Kinekor – backing the wrong horse much?

By Victor ‘rOgue’ Vieira

Last Friday, the 22nd May, I followed a rather interesting and very annoying story about the Ster Kinekor distributed title – UFC Undisputed.
I received an email from my online game retailer, the Wednesday before that, saying that the title had been pushed back a week. So on that Friday I read the local gaming news and saw that Kalahari’s representative had posted this news of the new ‘street-date’ for UFC on the local XBOX 360 forum.

So awhile later someone posts that the title is on sale at BT Games. So obviously at this time, being a bit annoyed at why I cant get my copy because I choose to buy it where I want to buy it – online. So why did BT Games have stock and all the other retailers were only supposed to have it a week later?……hmmm ?


So as far as I can tell, and its not like Ster Kinekor or BT Games gave an explanation, it seems as Ster Kinekor have decided to let BT Games get the first sales in and then the rest can get the sales of those who weren’t desperate to play the game that weekend. Shame on you both, and frankly I don’t care what the reason or explanation is, I choose to buy online at my retailer of choice, and nobody but me should have the choice of when I will have the copy of UFC that I pre-ordered. I’m not going to the hassle of getting a credit, then going to BT Games and paying more for it – NO THANK YOU!
Fortunately for me, my retailer drove to Ster Kinekor, picked up his stock, and I received my copy in time for ‘Friday night game fest’.

Now my point is, is it a better option for Ster Kinekor to give obvious ‘special treatment’ to BT because they have branches?
I don’t think so. We are in the age of the internet; thousands of us do everything online. A friend of mine even wants to buy a washing-machine online; we read and chat on local gaming forums and websites. Would it not be in their best interest to look after the online retailers?
I know BT Games have an online store, but Ster Kinekor basically said ‘wait for it’ to some of the most popular online stores – , , and

There shouldn’t be any special treatment at all, but If I were the distributor, I calculate that four popular gaming retailers might be better than one. That’s just me though, and math was never a strong subject with me.