Starcraft II local hero Robert ‘PandaTank’ Botha lands Cooler Master sponsorship

Robert 'PandaTank'

The MSSA has announced that our very own  Starcraft II hero, Robert ‘PandaTank’ Botha has penned a private sponsorship deal with Cooler Master.

Botha is currently MSSA’s most successful Protea Team player ever and was named MSSA’s ‘Player of the Year’ last year.

“I am extremely proud to announce Cooler Master and CM Storm as my new sponsor for 2013,”  claims Botha.

“Cooler Master and CM Storm has shown a constantly growing interest and involvement in the e-Sports community over the last few years in terms of creating quality gaming peripherals, sponsoring teams all around the world, sponsoring major leagues such as the NASL and even hosting their own tournaments.

“The  games were played at a standard much higher than was ever played in South Africa.”

MSSA assert Robert’s successes at the 2011 and 2012  IeSF World Championships as being the major contributing factor to landing the sponsorship deal.

“My goal for 2013 is to use this support to grow and develop into one of the top StarCraft II players that can bring home results from major international tournaments that myself, my fans, Cooler Master and CM Storm can all be proud of,” added Botha.

Congratulations Robert!

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