Whilst talking about whether World of Warcraft would be going fully ‘free-to-play’ in the future, Blizzard has hinted that StarCraft II could also run on the business model.

PC Games N are reporting on Blizzard designer Dustin Browder hinting at the possibility in a panel discussion at the Valencia eSports Congress last week.

“That’s definitely an option for us at some point down the road,” Browder said.

“I don’t think there’s any reason why we wouldn’t, except to make sure we do it properly, that we don’t make any mistakes, and that we are supporting the fans the way we’re supposed to.”

Browder did however mention that some common free-to-play treatments could be problematic for the game. He explained that the model could create problematic circumstances where the balance would be thrown off because players who haven’t bought everything in the game don’t have access to the same assortment of units.

GamesIndustryBiz note that Blizzard already uses a variety of business models with StarCraft II internationally. South American players for example, can purchase the game at retail but still need to pay for subscriptions if they wish to keep playing beyond the six-month mark.