Spec Ops: The Line studio licence Unreal Engine 4 for next-gen project that may not be a ‘shooter’


Yager were highly praised for the Spec Ops: The Line singleplayer campaign, which offered a different approach at a shooter campaign.

Epic has revealed that Yager has licensed Unreal Engine 4 for an as-yet-unannounced next-gen game, but hinted that it may not be a shooter this time.

The studio becomes the first European independent studio to licence Epic’s next-gen engine.

“After five years of working on Spec Ops, maybe it’s time to do something different so you don’t get trapped in that box where we’re just making military shooters,” Yager co-founder and managing director Timo Ullmann told Edge.

“We still have to be commercial – we learned that the hard way – but by being independent we can live creatively and never be labelled or framed as being about a certain thing.

“What’s surprising to me is that even in 2012 games like Dishonored and Dragon’s Dogma proved that people are interested in new ideas.

“We’ve never had more platforms and more business models, so it’s a good time for new IP. After a seven-year console lifecycle, people are longing for something new – gamers and publishers, actually – and that suits us fine.”

Yager used the Unreal Engine 3 for Spec Ops: The Line.

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