Souzern Lions is the name of the FACEIT affiliated CounterStrike: Global Offensive pickup game service for the South African market.

While this is not the first pickup service for CS:GO in the country (hello ESEA and Billosoft), it comes with arguably more prize incentives than the others.

It also launches sans a true league system and is (according to an Esports Central article)¬†“meant for individual players, rather than as a league for established teams.”

Players can progress through Bronze, Silver and Gold divisions with cash prizes and FACEIT points. The points can be “used to buy in game and real world items on the FACEIT online store.”

If you want to sign up, you can currently get 50% off your first month’s subscription fee via Esports Central. Head to their in-depth article discussing the Souzern Lions announcement here. Or you can read more in the official announcement here.

Souzern Lions can be found here: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Now, please excuse us while we try and get over the name Souzern Lions, even though we appreciate your love of the ‘Z’ and all.

[Source: Esports Central]