Halo WC_02

South Africa, it’s been confirmed that we will be getting a chance to have teams play in the (currently) $1,7 million Halo World Championships. South Africa will be able to participate by way of ESL managed qualifiers.

MLG will be running qualifiers for American teams, while Gfinity will look after UK qualifiers and ESL will look after qualifiers for Europe (including South Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America.

A total of 16 teams will qualify from the various regions for the LAN World Championship finals in March.

It would appear that South Africa, Middle East and Europe will battle for the four spots up for grabs with the Gfinity UK qualifier also feeding that pool. Obviously that makes qualification immensely grueling for teams in this region, but an opportunity is an opportunity right?

If your team resides in Europe (excluding United Kingdom), Middle East, or Africa, register with ESL to compete in the Halo World Championship.

Spot-based Format based on Ladder Seeding

  • Dec. 6 – Online Ladders Begin
  • Dec. 19-20 – Online Qualifier (Germany, Middle East, South Africa)
  • Jan. 2-3 – Online Qualifier (Germany, Middle East, South Africa)
  • Jan. 9-10 – Online Qualifier (EU, Middle East)
  • Jan. 16-17 – UK Finals Event
  • Jan. 23-24 – Live Event Qualifier (France)
  • Feb. 6-7 – EMEA Regional Finals
  • Mar. 15-17 – Halo World Championship Prelims
  • Mar. 19-20 –  Halo World Championship Finals

(Dates are subject to change)

For all the regions and their dates and registration links, head here.

Halo WC_01The prize pool for the Halo World Championships is being grown by crowdfunding by way of the official (esports-ready) Halo Championship Series Athlon Armor and Weapon collectible set which includes:

  • HCS Athlon Helmet (red variant pictured here)
  • HCS Athlon Armor (red variant pictured here)
  • HCS  Assault Rifle skin
  • HCS Magnum Skin
  • HCS Emblem

You can find out more about the Halo World Championship here.

We of course are rooting for all South African teams, so good luck out there – make these undead ones proud.