Didn’t notice that in the contract before…

Some sad news for those wishing that South African console gaming kept up with the rest of the world.  The Mweb hosted Gears of War 3 servers which came into existence last October have been “retired”.

The servers were the first time local console servers were hosted in South Africa – making them the first console servers in South Africa to be forced into early retirement.

According to Mweb Gamezone, “the initial contract was to supply these servers for 12 months and this period has now lapsed and the contract has not been renewed for an additional period. We know that there is a committed and passionate Gears of War 3 community in South Africa and we share their disappointment.”

The ISP and its associated gaming division does not plan to rest on its laurels however, and are endeavouring to “secure further console servers for gamers in South Africa, including for Gears of War Judgement, if this is applicable.”

There is apparently some good news.  Desmond Kurz from Mweb Gamezone says that “coming for the SA gaming public next week with regards to local server hosting that we will be able to share during the course of this week. Hopefully this will assuage some of the disappointment.”  Let’s hope he meant to say “local console server hosting…”