South African Gaming Meetups now live in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban

What happens when gamers leave the house...

The wonderful thing about South African gamers is that we make things happen ourselves rather than sit on our hands and wait for the powers that be to start the ball rolling.

Following the success of Cape Town’s weekly gaming meetups which started around two months ago, it seems the whole of South Africa has sprung to life with both Johannesburg and Durban following suit.  Johannesburg held their first meet this past weekend with Durban holding their inaugural meet on Saturday 3 December at Zacks Wilson Wharf.

These meets are a brilliant way to meet some like-minded souls, have a laugh, have a drink and something to eat and prove to the tabloids that gamers are not all acne riddled anti-socials.

The success of the Cape Town meets has led to the start of 2upGamers recently, which brings together both gamers and industry bods under one roof to essentially plot the way forward for the South African gaming industry as a whole.

From these seeds, there is a chance to see the rapid growth of South Africa in the international gaming world, and by supporting and attending these endeavours you can honestly say you were doing your bit.  So get to it.

If you stay in Johannesburg join the JHBGamers on Facebook, while Durbanites should head to the DBNGamers Facebook Page.

If you’re in Cape Town, head over to Gaming Meetups on Facebook and also check out 2upGamers who host an event once a month, with the ‘Second Wave’ happening this Friday the 2nd of December.

Oh, and while you’re busy showing your support for all things South African, tag your name on one of these banners to show your support for console servers in South Africa.

Exciting times, don’t be left behind.


Pretoria has also kicked off the activity – you can find them on Twitter: @PTAgamers #ptagamers

(Thanks DieJason for the heads up)

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