How does South Africa contend with internet connection speeds on the global front?

Well MCV has published an article which states that the global average internet connection speed is 3.1Mbps.

Surprise, surprise, South Africa falls short as TechCentral cite a new report from Akamai which shows that the average connection speeds from South Africa were 2,1Mbps, 1Mbps short of the world average.

South Africa’s average peak connection speed of 7,6Mbps falls very short of the global peak speed which averages out at 18.4Mbps.

The top average global speeds are as follows:

  • South Korea – 14.2Mbps
  • Japan – 11.7Mbps
  • Hong Kong – 10.9Mbps
  • Switzerland – 10.1Mbps
  • Netherlands – 9.9Mbps
  • US – 8.6Mbps
  • Denmark – 8.2Mbps