Every now and again we come across some relevant DotA2 tidbits that are worth writing about, but we’re not always exactly sure you’d be interested in hearing about them. But I have recently been in contact with two bits of DotA2 content that are directly relevant to South Africans either playing, or watching, DotA2 in this country. We’ve previewed them a little bit below.

Breaking Kayfabe

Breaking Kayfabe is an interview style series produced by Shaun “Profeci” Murrell (find him on Twitter & YouTube respectively) focused on the DotA2 esports scene in South Africa. The series features Devin “Hellbird” Rigotti (find him on Facebook & Twitter respectively) as an additional interviewer from time to time as well. While the series currently has a DotA2 focus/spin, Profeci has told us that this could change in the future. So, potentially, other games (and other communities) will get the same sort of focus from the series. So far they’re set to have all four initial episodes released, with the last set to drop on Monday the 10th of April. We briefly chatted to Profeci about this series as we think it’s an interesting one well worth keeping tabs on. The full list of episodes is available here and is updated when new episodes go live.

[Update: Profeci recently interviewed me for this series, which has just gone live the same time as the article, so I’ve updated it to reflect the most recent YouTube release.]

@SargonDotA2: There have been audio/video series done in the past, attempting to cover this type of content before. But yours is the first done in this style. What was the major influence behind Breaking Kayfabe?

Profeci: Thorin’s “Who is [X]” series on YouTube definitely influenced me. Thorin has been in and around the Counter Strike scene since 2001 so he knows all the pros and has recorded the history of it. I am late to the DotA scene in RSA, only really getting involved around 2012 – 2013, so I don’t know the history of the title in South Africa as well, nor as many of the players. For me, it would be a huge pity to lose all of these stories and history that involves so many colourful characters and great stories.

Can you briefly give us a summary/abstract for Breaking Kayfabe?

The point of Breaking Kayfabe is to highlight the players and talent in the local scene. For the most part people don’t know much about the players themselves. All they usually see are the tournament and team names. We usually only see a player’s in game name and we don’t know how these guys think or what kind of people they are. So my idea was that I wanted to highlight these people that bring so much to the scene, so that they can grow their own brands and through that, grow the scene as a whole.

Who do you think should watch these videos? And, further to that, why should they watch it?

Anyone that is interested, really. I’m doing this because I find it interesting to hear the stories, and for people to tell the history of the SA scene. It’s not for everyone and I certainly don’t expect it to appeal to everyone either. But if you want to know how we got to where we are today, mayhaps my videos will help you.

So Breaking Kayfabe sounds more like “Tales from the Borderlands” as opposed to “Borderlands: The Presequel” in terms of what we should expect from the series?

Well “Borderlands: The Presequel” is a terrible game that I felt added nothing to the series at all. Breaking Kayfabe is like supplementary material to the main story, so I guess you could say it’s similar to “Tales of the Borderlands” in that way.

Off-topic, I know, but what have you got against outback Australians on Elpis, yo?

I have nothing against Australians except for the fact that I think their accent is kinda silly. But then, have you heard the South African one? We don’t have much of leg to stand on.

Yeah. We have heard yours on occasion. 😉 Haha. But in all seriousness, any hints on who you’re interviewing next? Jacob Zuma? Dendi? Tom Selleck’s mustache?

Lets just say that he’s won at rAge… [Eds: We mistrust surprises. And presents. Tell usssss!]

DotA2 SA Scrims Steam Group

This weekend Alex “F3arBender” Burger (of Sini5ter All Stars) asked me to give him a hand putting together a small Steam community/group for RSA based competitive teams to have a direct way to quickly organize scrims against each other. This Steam group is going to go live shortly and we’ll be inviting team captains to join it over the coming few days.

The group is currently going to be limited to teams actively competing in 1st Division and above. We’ve decided to go these routes to try limit the noise/spam in groups like this. It could serve as an interesting tool which helps teams organize games in advance, or games in a hurry on the night, by providing a larger pool of potential active participants from known divisions (of known quality levels/ability).

Anyone who is interested and hasn’t been contacted/invited yet should please add F3arbender (via Steam here) or myself (@SargonDotA2 via Steam here). If this could be a useful platform for teams that are trying to organize scrims at this level then it potentially has positive consequences for many of the teams, 1st Div to Masters alike.