Sorry… No GTA Annually…

…says the chairman of Take-Two,

With the gaming industry being the giant revenue generator that it is, there is a bigger opportunity for game studios to roll out new titles and cash in. I mean will you not buy anything from the Gears of War franchise? I would. Just to find out for myself if it is as good as the previous title.

With some franchises though, all that is required is a tweak here and there and an update, something like a sport game will be able to be produced on a yearly basis. Take-Two are not willing to turn a premiere franchise such as Grand Theft Auto into a franchise that will pump out a new release every year.

Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick says that will never happen because he feels “triple-A” games such as Grand Theft Auto require a lot of time to properly develop and deliver to the masses. I can totally agree with him here, there is nothing worse than forking out all that money for a new title that is just a “little” bit different to its successor. We want our money’s worth and get something that feels like allot of work went into it as apposed to a nip and tuck.

He said that he is satisfied with just testing out new formats and platforms such as DLC for the franchise. Well if the ‘Ballad of Gay Tony’ is anything to go on, Mr. Zelnick definitely has a good model or vision on what to do with a franchise. I mean it was definitely from the GTA IV family, but a huge value for money package that was not a brand new story all together, but it was not full price either… it was just what fans needed to get us through to the next full GTA.

I hope you stick to your guns Mr.Zelnick.

Via IGN.


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