Sony is to reveal more on the PlayStation 4?s interactive features at GDC this month, reports Dualshockers.

Sony promises it will discuss the PS4’s, “new and exciting features.”

Sony’s session at GDC titled “Creating Unique Interactive Experiences with the PlayStation 4,” will be presented by Senior Staff Developer Support Engineer Chris Norden.

“This presentation will explore the technical capabilities and new features of the PlayStation4?s new input devices,” explains the official descriptor.

“We will discuss the DualShock4 controller, PlayStationEye camera, PlayStationmove, PlayStation mobile app, and the new interactive services available during live gameplay streaming,”

“All of these devices and services can be used together to create new interactive experiences that are easy to create and share with the PS4.”

“Attendees will leave the presentation with a better understanding of some of the new and exciting features that are available to developers to make their PS4 games stand out from the rest.”

It has also been claimed that Sony will unveil its PS4 VR headset behind closed doors at GDC.

[via Gamer Newz]