Sony Suggest No PS Vita Price Drop Anytime Soon

Nintendo dropped the pricing on the 3DS considerably after recording modest launch sales. The drop in price helped the 3DS to flourish thereafter and has even had record months around the world – Japan most recently.

So one would think Sony would follow a similar strategy with the PS Vita, but a representative has now implied that will not be happening. Despite Sony sweetening the Vita deal pre-launch by adding to a starter package, there a still cries around the web saying the price is a little on the expensive side.

Sony Computer Entertainment UK managing director, Fergal Gara explained to CVG  that will take several years for this investment to pay back as it stands and that a price-drop is currently “not on the radar.”

“If we have to do more with the price… Clearly, we’ll have to view how consumers respond – do they value the amount of technology packed into that box?

“One benchmark I would draw is that it is round about half of the price-point of an entry-level tablet, and considerably less than a high-end smartphone. So, what’s the appropriate point of reference for its price? “We need to wait and see, but we believe it’s a step-change in performance and a step-change in capabilities compared to what people could do before,” said Gara.

Gara did not want to comment on the performance of Nintendo with 3DS, but did outline that Sony believe the strength of their software has demonstrated very well and that the supply of quality software was an important and ongoing strategy with Sony.