Sony: “It’s crucially important that we get PS Vita right as a games console”

The President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andy House recently chatted to the US Playstation Blog and highlighted yet again that the PS Vita is primarily a ‘gaming console’.

The PlaystationBlog pointed out that the PSP was positioned as a multimedia device, and despite the PlayStation Vita having many of the same multimedia features, it seems that Sony are not promoting the Vita’s multimedia capabilities as much.

House explained that we are living in a time where people expect those features, like the ability to connect with friends in all of their portable devices and so that comes standard with the Vita. However House acknowledged that the initial buyers of the Vita will be gamers, and so it’s important that the Vita delivers on the ‘gaming’ front.

“For a positioning standpoint it is crucially important that we get PS Vita right as a games console because that is its key selling point and the key reason why the early audience is going to be interested,” says House.

“Having said that, I do hope that the extra capabilities – whether that’s playing media or connecting with friends via Facebook, Twitter or FourSquare – are going to add an extra degree of delight when you start up your PS Vita for the first time.”

House also highlighted the fact that the Vita has a lot of potential in ‘non-gaming applications’ and that we could see more further down the line as Sony learn more about what customers are looking for.

“Our strategy for launch has been to fulfil the critical needs in areas such as social networking with Twitter, Facebook, Skype and FourSquare, and make sure that they are well designed, well integrated and available right from the start.

“From there we will look at what else we can do, particularly with the 3G connectivity, to give people a greater feeling of immediacy with their games and other activities. This is an important area for us,” explained House.

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