Sony Computer Entertianment Worldwide Studio president, Shuhei Yoshida has admitted that Sony are having difficulties recruiting third-party developers to create games for PlayStation Vita.

Speaking to The Official Playstation Magazine [as sited by TheSilentChief] Yoshida admitted:

“We’re having a more difficult time than we had anticipated in terms of getting support from third-party publishers, but that’s our job,

“We will continue to talk to development communities and publishing partners and tell them why Vita can provide a great experience for the IPs they have and I hope theAssassin’s Creed game will prove that.”

The Playstation Vita shows massive potential and has impressed everyone that has experienced the handheld, but sales seem to be less than great.

It has been widely speculated that the Playstation Vita sales have not been fantastic since Sony did fully disclose the Vita sales numbers in a recent financial report. Sony combined that sales stats of the Vita with the that of the PSP, which got people questioning the results.