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Sly Cooper Thieves in Time is a Sony ‘cross-buy’ adventure that pick up on the adventures of the Sly Cooper gang from where Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves concluded. Sly and the gang travel through time to restore the legacy of the The Cooper family book as pages have begun to disappear.

Developer: Sanzaru Games
Publisher: SCE
Distributor: SterKinekor
For fans of: The series, platformers
Reviewed on: PS Vita
Also available on: Playstation 3
If we had to give it a numerical score: 8.0/10


Gameplay and Features

The gameplay is about as fun as it gets with platforming games. It’s the type of mechanics that just put a smile on your face. The mechanics are as fluid as they are entertaining. Sly is joined by Bentley and Murray and so the three characters offer three sets of gameplay: Sly is the stealthy platformer of the group with a hook-like weapon that doubles up with the platforming. Bentley is the ‘techno whizz’ in a motorised wheel chair, while Murray is the brawn in the team. Each character has their advantages, and you get to play as each of the candid characters.

As you progress, through game and even travel through time, you add more playable characters, who again offer different abilities. I loved the variation which keeps delivering in timely fashion. Being [embarrassingly] new to the series, I began the game as Sly and thought “nice platform game.” Shortly thereafter I was introduced to a new set of new skills with the other two in the gang. And just when I thought I had seen it all, Sly’s very angry ex joins in the action, to offer even more variation. And this theme just kept carrying on, and keeping the grin on my face.

The missions themselves also offer plenty of variation, offering from streamlined missions to more open-world missions where you have targets which you can take various paths to get to, and there’s plenty of collectables scattered around the levels. There’s plenty of mini-games too, themed with the various characters in mind. The gameplay combined with the level designs, keeps you not only entertained, but guessing too.

Besides the plethora of collectables, nothing is gimped in the Vita offering. There’s plenty to collect, to unlock and the gameplay is optimised for the Vita’s technical capabilities. The game even features a worthy progression system, so while I have not tried the Playstation 3 version, this version never felt like I was getting a little short-changed. It is also far from a short affair. The campaign is plenty long, and the “completionists” out there can probably double the adventure of easily over fifteen or so hours, just rummaging through the levels collecting items.


Sound and Visuals

The artwork theme is cartoon film, from the visuals themselves, to the narrative and subtitles. The cartoon look works wonderfully on the Vita and for the most part is very smooth and attractive. The dialogue and voice-acting is mostly humorous and the characters are just that, “characters.”

The narrative revolves around Sly, Bentley the tortoise and Murray the hippo and is driven by the humour and light-hearted dialogue really. The characters are loveable, each in their own distinct way and totally overshadow the narrative itself. While there is a definite story here, it’s about the fun dialogue, and even more about the gameplay.

The verdict

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is a wonderful addition to the PS Vita library. If you love a good platformer, then you shouldn’t be disappointed. The lower resolution screen renders pleasing visuals in the typical cartoon-like art style that stays true to the series. The gameplay pays homage to the some of the best mechanics the genre has to offer, making for a truly satisfying and entertaining experience. So with the quality of the game, and the lack of “AAA titles” on offer for the Vita, I would highly recommend Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time for anyone looking for something with a little substance to it.


What I loved

  • Character gameplay design
  • Variation in gameplay
  • Variation in missions
  • Humour

Not so much

  • Extremely long load times

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