‘Sleeping Dogs Night Market’ Site Goes Live

For those of you that are looking to get the Sleeping Dogs experience going, you’ll be glad to hear that CVG has teamed up with Square Enix to produce an exclusive ‘Sleeping Dogs Night Market site‘.

The new Sleeping Dogs Night Market is packed with bonus content and was created to whet your appetite for the game. The newly launched site includes an Easter egg treasure, teasers, pre-order bonuses and DLC details, plus an exclusive Takedown video for you to unlock which showcases some of the game’s most brutal finishing moves.

The ‘special video section’ features vehicles and bike gameplay, martial arts and hand-to-hand combat videos, plus special sections on the cops and triads who populate the streets of Sleeping Dogs.

Lastly, CVG prompts fans to keep an eye out for ‘No More Fun and Games’, a special Sleeping Dogs Remix music video which mixes live action and gameplay sequences. The video features the brilliant rapper, The Game, and is directed by Ryan Wick.

Sleeping Dogs arrives on 17 August for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Window PC