Silent Hill HD Collection Xbox 360 bound

The Silent Hill HD Collection which was originally a PS3 exclusive has now been confirmed for the Xbox 360 too.  This is apparently due to fan response to the exclusivity announcement.

Silent Hill: Downpour producer Tomm Hulett said at the Konami press conference at Gamescom that they were “aiming” to release Silent Hill HD Collection simultaneously on both consoles.  So that might not be quite how it happens then, but at least Xbox fans can enjoy the games too now.


Press Release:

KONAMI’s horror series set to terrorise Cologne with new platform announcements

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH will send a chill down the spines of visitors to gamescom, as it unveils new details of its three new Silent Hill titles.

KONAMI will use the European showcase to give players a chance to go hands-on with the forthcoming Silent Hill Downpour, and will also outline key additions to its forthcoming Silent Hill HD Collection and Silent Hill Book of Memories, the latter being on Sony’s new PlayStation Vita handheld gaming platform.

Gamescom offer visitors the chance to go hands-on with Silent Hill Downpour for the first time, with a large area of KONAMI’s booth dedicated to the stunning new addition to the series. Silent Hill Downpour follows a convict called Murphy Pendleton, whose transport to a secure facility is interrupted by a crash on the edge of the town. Wandering into Silent Hill, Pendleton explores new areas unseen in the chiller series, including the town’s defunct transport tunnels.

Silent Hill Downpour will be playable on both PlayStation®3 and Xbox360® and KONAMI will be showing the 3D-enabled version of the Sony game. Compatible with all 3D TVs, the new game heralds the series’ first foray into 3D and will also allow the players to become truly immersed in the game’s murky locations. Silent Hill Downpour is scheduled for release this November.

The past of the Silent Hill range will also be highlighted, with KONAMI confirming the release of the Silent Hill HD Collection for Xbox 360 as well as the previously-announced PlayStation 3 version. This much requested set brings the acclaimed Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 to vibrant life as they are revamped to make the most of their new formats. Both enjoy all new enhancements and high-definition graphics and have been reworked, with all-new voice talent, and the addition of Trophies and Achievements. The Silent Hill HD Collection will be released early 2012.

Silent Hill Book of Memories is the first KONAMI title to be confirmed for the forthcoming PlayStation Vita portable device, and is also the first ever multi-player Silent Hill title. This cooperative mode lets players explore the Otherworlds together, while scare surroundings, limited resources and dark atmosphere keep the tension high. The story follows a mysterious book, which includes all of the player’s memory – and this content can be altered…

Silent Hil: Downpour will be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in November. The Silent Hill HD Collection will be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 early 2012, as will Silent Hill: Book of Memories for PlayStation Vita.