Halo 5_SA_01

Some games struggle for the kind of love and attention others get so readily in South Africa. Halo is one such game. Which is a little odd given that South African team, ViNCO Gaming, qualified to play in Europe earlier this month, while other more popular titles offer less opportunities for that.

So while all the big tournament hosts double down on CS: GO, Dota 2, Call of Duty and other titles, the Halo community themselves are giving it a go.

So, local Halo teams, if you’re keen, on 20 and 21 February there’s a free-to-enter 4v4 tournament happening. Matches kick off from 1pm, and interested teams (you need at least four to compete) can contact IR!SH via Twitter to get registered – but do so by Saturday. You can also contact him to get help finding a team or players.

The tournament bracket can be found here.

We’ve decided to jump in and help out with a few prizes , but that shouldn’t be the only reason to participate right? Right?!


We will spot the following for teams competing in the tournament:

  • First Place Team: R400 Raru Vouchers
  • Second Place Team: R200 Raru Vouchers
  • 2x R50 Raru Vouchers for random draw

To keep up with the local Halo community, hit them up on Facebook and Twitter.