Seth Rogen making a film about 90’s console wars


The brilliant duo that brought us This Is The End, Seth Rogen, who also starred in the feature, and writer/director Evan Goldberg are making a movie about the ’90s console war between Sega and Nintendo.

The movie will be based on the book by Blake Harris called ‘Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo And The Battle That Defined A Generation’. The author is also know for ‘Moneyball’ which turned film in 2013.

The movie delves into the battle between Sega and Nintendo during the early ’90s, which is said to have set the precedence for the gaming industry that would follow.

Sega at the time was a a small gaming company, led by an unlikely team of rebels. It would become a real David and Goliath battle as Sega took on the stable Nintendo.

Harris will be co-directing the movie and will also be making a documentary based on the console wars, reports GameInformer.

The book will only be releasing in May.


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