Second Ozone Tier 4 Sponsored Clan Announced

A month ago – at 2upGamers 5th RoundOzone Africa announced their first Tier 4 sponsored clan High 5.  This past Friday saw the 6th Gen event of 2upGamers which allowed the second Tier 4 sponsored clan to be announced – F34R.

Now as some of the more observant among you would’ve noticed – there was just a little matter of an exhibition match to play between these two clans.  However, both F34R clan leader J4K3Z and “sexiest Greek this side of town” J4S3 flew in to Cape Town not aware of the planned announcement.  Neither did Cape Town based CS1977.  However, the sneaky SW4RL3Y already knew and must have been bursting to tell his clan mates.  Personally, I am impressed with his ability to keep a secret, but the threat of death may have proved great motivation to keep the little titbit of information buried.

It did however, make for a good chuckle when they beat him down for keeping it from them.

F34R have been around on PlaySation 3 for about four years.  Starting with Call of Duty 4, the clan is now competing in Modern Warfare 3 and boast three teams in their ranks – F34R ELIT3, F34R PRIM3 and F34R D3LT4.  They have also made a tentative move into Xbox 360 land with one team playing on the Microsoft console.

As a clan, they are strangely likeable and yet highly competitive.  As people they are too.  As zombies… well, we’ll see…

So on to that little exhibition match… once it got going.  Sadly, the start was beset with issues that “Murphy” clearly had a hand in, meaning that once the game itself got underway, the spectators had sadly thinned.  This didn’t mean the show would not go 0n.  There was way too much pride at stake.  Theoretically, you had an Xbox 360 clan in High 5 playing a PS3 on their preferred platform.  F34R were surely the favourites right?

First round of SnD on Arkaden was a tense affair to start with.  Both teams trading blows equally until F34R’s better communication appeared to take them on to a 4-2 victory.  The audience members starting to whisper of an annihilation coming, but High 5 regrouped for SnD on Seatown.  The map proved to go down to the wire, with High 5 taking it 4-3.  All tied and CTF to come.

After their early poor lack of communication, Holden really got his troops organised and took Lockdown 5-3.  Dome was not as close as expected in the end, and in a slight surprise, High 5 clinched that 4-1 – thereby taking the match, making Domination on Bootleg purely academic.  High 5 pipped F34R 182 to 146 for the round.

SW4RL3Y, Surferboy, Google ZA, J4K3S, Holden ZA, CS1977, Dastrix 550, J4S3.

Even though the 2upGamers 6th Gen was hit with some issues during the night (more in my other coverage), this proved to at least be a minor success in all that.  It’s not often we get to see two clans from two different platforms agree to play face-to-face and walk away as brothers-in-arms as these two clans did.  It is something we need to see more of in console gaming – so I would like to thank both F34R and High 5 for being a true credit to SA gaming and I suspect to their sponsors Ozone.

Unless “Murphy” played one last hand, the video of the match will be available – as soon as Holden has done his thing.

I would like to thank the two clans, Nick Holden from Clan Connection, Dastrix, Coldcat, 2upGamers and Ozone for helping make the game happen.  Also, to some of the attendees for assisting when the power shut us down and made getting going again a nightmare.  Thanks to Rectron for supplying all the monitors to run the game on.  Thanks to Mweb GameZone for allowing us to trial the setup at their awesome Mcave a few weeks ago.  And thanks to the supporters of SA gaming who stayed and stuck it all out.

For more pictures – from the event in general and the match – check our Facebook Album.

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