Scuf Hybrid available for pre-order in SA


Let’s be honest, the name Scuf is a pretty familiar one to the competitive Call of Duty community, so doesn’t require much of an introduction unless you use your controller for the odd game of Uno.

The latest addition to the Scuf family is the Scuf Hybrid which will be released internationally on 31 July, with a select three models being available in South Africa early August via Gaming Cartel.

The new controller “combines the familiarity of the XBOX controller with a completely re-engineered SCUF back that locks the hands in place by offering the best shape for paddle usage in either wired or wireless variations!”

What we think that means is that it has improved ergonomics. The controller will come in a 2, 3 or 4 paddle design and will feature “one touch fully remappable paddles for on the fly customization”.

The wireless version is also now lighter due to a built-in Lithium Ion battery which also offers extended play time. The new battery also allows event the wireless controller to offer 4 paddles.

Gaming Cartel will be offering the SCUF HYBRID, FPS COMP HYBRID, FPS Colour HYBRID to start with, with more becoming available in future orders. You can pre-order the gamechanging (once you stop accidentally pressing a paddle to switch your console off…)  SCUF HYBRID for R2150, with the other two options available at a slight discount.

Pre-order here.


Controller TypeWired/WirelessFor players who regularly attend or compete at events, the Wired controller is perfect for you. On the contrast, for players who simply game in the comfort of their home, having a wireless controller eliminates the mess and tangling created with the use of a wire. Wireless controllers includes a lithium-ion battery.
RemappableSCUF is delighted to bring you the remappable option for your SCUF controller. The remap answers the long awaited question of changing your config on the fly. This option is great for trying different configurations and finding the ones that best suite you ‘the player’. No longer do you need to part with your SCUF for a config change. Now you can simply change your SCUF to multiple configs and find the best fit your gaming needs.
Back Paddles ConfigurationYears of research and development in ergonomics have helped build controllers that are perfect for long gaming sessions. Scuf Gaming have further improved upon this design through enhanced ergonomics. Scuf Gaming have introduced paddles on the back of the controller that are assigned to buttons on the face of the controller. You can now press buttons like A, B, X, Y without ever taking your right thumb off the right thumb stick.
Additionnal PaddlesAt the heart of the SCUF Controller is the paddle mechanism where you can select 2 or 4 paddles to be added to the back of your SCUF controller. These paddles mimic any of the face buttons so you can keep you thumbs on the thumbsticks while using the back-paddles with your middle fingers to perform more advanced moves. When needing to control over 20 functions in gameplay – using only 2 fingers and 2 thumbs is outdated and the inefficiency limits the ability to increase your dexterity and advance your gameplay.
ThumbsticksScuf Gaming controllers have been designed for optimum control of your game and aim. Firstly, the introducing of Domed sticks, particularly on the right of the controller for aiming, increases precision for pixel perfect aiming. This will give you the edge in vital gun battles against your opponents.
Trigger stopsWhen you press the trigger there is no delay before the game responds. Our trigger stops further enhance the responsive nature of your triggers and cuts down on significant milliseconds after firing. You now have the most responsive trigger on your favorite controller. Don’t let your hardware hold your back.
SCUF GripScuf Gaming understand that grip is vital to your game. For starters our controllers have been designed so that you can maintain full control without sacrificing your grip on the reverse of the controller. We’ve also added SCUF Grip, a layer of military paint on the back of the controller that increases friction so sweaty hands do not hold you back while gaming. This will give you the advantage during long gaming sessions or intense battles where your hardware needs to be most reliable.
D-PadThe D-Pad can be customized in many different colors & finishes. If you want more than a Stock D-pad check out some of our other choices including the Microsoft Rotating D-pad which can be turned 360 degrees and has 2 different operating modes. If the Normal D-pad is more your thing check out are hydro imaging finishes or the stealth finish which is a favorite of the SCUF team.

Gaming Cartel has also recently added a PC range to their site, so if you are a gamer who enjoys a mouse like a zombie enjoys brains, check out their selection here.

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